Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayers provided as part of partnership with parishes

The following prayers of intention were prepared and distributed to parishes across the Brisbane Archdiocese, for use in Masses between June 1-7.

Gracious and merciful God: you not only sent your Son, Jesus, to die for us but you poured out your Holy Spirit on all who believe, so that we may know how to serve you and help build the Kingdom of God. Be with us now as we pray the following prayers:

For all our Church leaders, especially the Pope, our Archbishop and all the Bishops, that they will continue to lead by example and feel upheld by the Holy Spirit working in, and through, them. (Pause) Lord hear us.

Response: Lord hear our prayer.

For each of us and the specific part we have play in Mission, that we will feel empowered by the Holy Spirit and that we will willingly give of ourselves, no matter what the cost. (Pause) Lord hear us.

Response: Come Holy Spirit.

For all children who find themselves caught up in conflict and violence, especially those who become embroiled as participants or who witness, first-hand, atrocities and cruelty. (Pause) Lord hear us.

Response: Come Holy Spirit.

For the environment and our Mission to care for it, in all its glory and grandeur. (Pause) Lord hear us.

Response: Come Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Father: these prayers reflect the concerns of our hearts and minds. We ask that you will guide us all, to walk with the love of Jesus and inspired by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We make these prayers, in the name of the Faith, Son and Holy Spirit. AMEN

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