Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday morning and I'm Into the Wild

The acclaimed movie by Sean Penn, Into the Wild, is an inspiring tale with an 'un-Hollywood-like' ending...For anyone contemplating the week ahead, with some trepidation, grab a copy of Into the Wild to watch on DVD next weekend. It's a great film (( depicts the tale of Christopher McCandless, a 23-year-old man who leaves the confines of his suburban life, including Mum, Dad and sister, for a life of trekking and living on the land. Beautifully shot, Into the Wild is a poignant tale that reminds us all that, quite often, we do indeed need to lose our life, if we want to discover the yearnings of our heart. The central character - Alexander Supertramp, as he dubs himself - is a man on a mission: to escape a life of superficiality and turmoil and seek solace in the "wild" of Alaska. As he discovers, however, true happiness only comes when it can be shared. As we set out on our daily commute, with headphones firmly in place or eyes down into our book or choice, it's worth remembering that we need others to make us truly complete.

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