Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Huen's hospital visits are taking a toll

Huen is the wife of the Chief of Roka village. As Chief, her husband combines this responsibility with being a farmer in order to provide their family with sufficient income. Huen is the mother to four children, each of which have been diagnosed with HIV, including herself.

In February, they joined the powder milk program of the Catholic Church’s Health Centre which provides powdered milk to mothers with infant babies and monitors there nutrition and weight.

Huen family is now struggling to survive as she has had to stop working. Every month, she must travel to and from the Provincial Hospital 15 km away is to receive monthly medication for herself and her four children. If they eventually get sick, they will have no support for any sort of transportation to the hospital.  

Huen’s main priority right now is to assure a clean house and access to clean water and food on a daily basis for her family.

If you can support this cause, click on the link below and go through the various fields. At the bottom of the page, where it has a box for you to give a bit more information, please mention this post and indicate your contribution is for the village in Cambodia. Tell them 'David in Brisbane sent us'. And thanks, on behalf of those inadvertently affected by this awful disease. 

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