Monday, April 27, 2015

Despite 'love and care', doctor still spreads HIV among villagers

 The focus for today's post is on Kuu Mau (pictured above). He is the head of his family. Like many of the other people in his village, he also has contracted HIV. As a HIV sufferer himself, what saddens him most is having to witness his 15 year old granddaughter also being diagnosed with the virus.Their home was scarce meters away from the house of the unlicensed doctor who allegedly brought the virus to the Commune. 

Mau knew this doctor personally for many years, so he was especially surprised to hear that he could be the reason for this tragedy. In his own words, the unlicensed doctor “always treated his patients with love and care”. 

Mau’s granddaughter Kaeu Nita (pictured below) is currently living in a shelter home run by the Catholic Church in Battambang, where her welfare is guaranteed as she continues to focus on her studies.

If you can support this cause, click on the link below and go through the various fields. At the bottom of the page, where it has a box for you to give a bit more information, please mention this post and indicate your contribution is for the village in Cambodia. Tell them 'David in Brisbane sent us'. And thanks, on behalf of those inadvertently affected by this awful disease.


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