Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter prompts a sense of anticipation

We are a few days out from one of the most significant seasons in the Church’s calendar. My son is in the lounge-room, waiting for me to come and play with him. My wife is preparing to drive into the city for an appointment at the hospital. The Indigo Girls are playing and their laid-back style perfectly suits the anticipatory mood that prevails at the moment.

Easter, perhaps more so than Christmas, is all about anticipation. In the readings for each of the milestones that mark the journey of Jesus, we hear that sense of waiting prevail: Judas waiting for the right moment to betray Jesus; the disciples waiting for Jesus’ profound teachings to become clear to them; the high priests and other Jewish officials waiting to confront the threat to their authority; and Jesus waiting to fulfil his destiny as the Son of God.

We wait when we have hope. No-one waits for a bus they know is never coming. A person continues to go on a date because they have hope that, one day, they might meet their soul mate. An army can hold off opposing forces if they anticipate reinforcements are coming. When we have hope, we don’t mind waiting. It makes the wait worthwhile!

This Easter, may you find peace in the time you spend waiting and may the hope indicated by the empty tomb inspire and humble you.

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