Friday, November 20, 2015

Good morning from Uganda

Watching Modern Family on the in-flight entertainment system.The skies are dark outside, the fellow passengers are slumbering. It is still over six hours to Abu Dhabi.

I cannot quite believe this adventure is unfolding. I am on my way to Uganda! It has been one of those dreams we carry in our heart, the mystical Camelot, the Land of Oz, my own trip down the Rabbit Hole.

What do I expect from this experience? I want to meet people who live differently to me; I hope to be touched by the encounters we have with local people, to be reminded that what we have in our life is a blessing and not something to be taken for granted.

Saturday morning, in the foyer of our accommodation at Masaka. The trip to here was a long one: a 14 hour flight to Abu Dabi, a 2-hour stop-over, then another 6 hours to Entebee and, finally, a crammed car ride, for 6 hours to here. I am not complaining - a number of times I found myself thinking of those who flee from their place of birth and endure so many challenges on their way to a new life somewhere else.

The rain falling overnight was a calming balm and the yelping dogs and crowing roosters were signposts that "I'm not in Kansas any more, Sam" (to paraphrase Dorothy!) The shower before bed was sans hot water but, hey, it was a properly plumbed bathroom, the room was small and comfortable with a door that locked and there was a freshly-made bed to tumble into - a lot more people in the world don't have any of these things so I consider myself very blessed indeed.

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