Saturday, May 7, 2011

Of Mr Men and broken rulers

It is the eve before Mother's Day. Celena is in the kitchen, preparing food for a family picnic tomorrow. Neither of us are approaching this important family occasion with any great sense of excitement. For Cel, it will be a reminder of all that she has lost. She is a mother without her children.

Earlier tonight, I found a cane basket containing some craft items used by Celena and Brodie. Sifting through the contents, I was reminded of how quickly life can change. One minute, a mother and her son are making bookmarks out of rubber, kitchen gloves; the next, the mother is grieving that there will be no more creative sessions with her "little man".

One of the items unearthed at the bottom of the basket was a plastic Mr Men ruler. Broken in half, the ruler seems symbolic of the crack that has occurred in our dreams and hopes. Where we once could measure Brodie's growth- physical, emotional, spiritual - in increments of centimetres and his self-expression, now it's the passing of the sun that informs us. The ruler is broken in two, just like our hearts!

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