Monday, April 25, 2011

Wearing my heart on my Yellow Skivvy sleeve

When the Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, stepped down from performing regularly, a lot of hearts broke (both old and young, I suspect - he was quite popular, after all). But it was something he had to, in order to protect his long-term health. No doubt it was a hard decision but, when it came to a choice between staying well or staying as part of one-quarter of an extremely successful performance group, there was only one way he could go.

I find myself thinking of Greg and his decision as I continue to think about life for Celena and I, without our son, Brodie. As we continue to try and put the jigsaw of our family life back together, there are two pictures that could take shape: do we stay together out of habit and the grief we both share? Or do we embrace the sadness and the heartbreak with the same conviction, passion and courage we have taken on all of the emotions and experiences of the past 11 years.

At some point, the Yellow Wiggle had to set aside the expectations of his adoring fans. Circumstances meant that he had to put himself first! I know now that such a stance does not mean one is being selfish. Far from it. It simply shows that if one wants to continue giving, you have to have something to give. Celena and I have lost everything that meant something to us...I hope you will excuse us while we continue to search for a different sense of purpose!

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